About Me

Hi Friends!

Thank you for visiting my little shop! I appreciate your support very much! 

First off, I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. My name is Neeva and I am the owner of Theydy's Things. I specialize in making clay accessories though it didn't start off like that. I have always been interested in art and creating things. It wasn't until people took interest in buying my personal paintings that I gained the confidence to share my art more. I dabbled with other mediums until I happened upon resin art and took interest in earring making. From there Theydy's Things was created. Named because of my non-binary identity. So these are truly a Theydy's Things. After going on my resin journey, I wanted to expand my creativity and that is why I started working with clay. In clay I found that I could make anything I wanted and it opened my art up to endless possibilities. 

All products in my shop are made by me with care and I hope you love my handmade creations as much as I do!


If you are a store and would like to sell my products, please contact me at [email protected]